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Managed Services Program

Cut your IT Budget by 50%.  It's really simple, implement one of Bluehawk Managed Services Programs.

​Managed Services is essentially Proactive IT Support for a fixed fee.  We offer Bronze, Gold, Silver, and Platinum Packages to compliment virtually any IT Budget.

  • ​Significantly improved overall system reliability and performance
  • IT Spending focused on issue avoidance and service optimization rather than "fighting fires"

  • Predictable network and system management costs

Sales, Service, and Support

 At Bluehawk we are dedicated to finding the best products at competitive prices for our clients.

​IT is at a turning point in today's business environment.  Businesses owners view their information as an important part of their business, and often make sizable investments in technology. Bluehawk affordable IT and technical support services can help you safeguard your investment and information by ensuring continual operation and optimization of all devices within your organization.

​Bluehawk deliver’s the IT services, solutions, and expertise for each client to meet their business needs. If you require immediate IT support or are looking for an IT company you can depend on Bluehawk can overcome any IT challenge that you may have quickly and efficiently.

In addition every Bluehawk customer will have exclusive access to the Bluehawk customer portal. Here you will find all information related to you business in one easy to navigate location. Trouble Tickets, Invoice, Quotes, and emails all at the click of a button.

Technology Consulting

Every business is unique. Only a comprehensive analysis by an experienced IT Consultant can provide a technology strategy that is Exactly designed for your business.

Bluehawk Networks is offering 2 hours of free consulting to help you. After we provide a GAP Analysis you will have the evidence behind strategic business decisions moving forward. Use Bluehawk or not, at least you'll have a solid plan for moving forward.

​Interested in a FREE GAP Analysis?

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